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High School.

I have heard misogynisitc and racist rhetoric; I have heard the ignorant language; and I have heard enough .


I have heard you use your words to hurt others, especially your friends. Frinedship should not be a tricky thing, but you make it so hard to understand the meaning of love and respect. You live in a frozen state of time, where you choose to believe that nothing affects the poeple around you and your actions will remain in high school. But even your words, spoken with subtle ignorance, does not leave the mouth without impact. Your actions show the little amount of maturity within yourself and only highlight your insecurities and faults. Next time you find yourself with a smile because you took away someone else's, rethink your actions, because this is not the person anyone would choose to be.
Here is a pic featuring my favorite person in the world for some postivity:

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